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Maktabning ingliz tili o'qituvchisi Haydarov Zafarning bayyoni


Nowadays being educated teacher is very significant job because working with people is difficult. Teachers should work on themselves. Being professional is shown under the some spheres. They are cultural, working pupils themselves and using informational technologies.
Most important thing is culture. Culture always affect teacher because we live without traditions. Due to tradition Uzbek teachers teach pupil with tradition. From old time knowledge and culture are in same place. As its result pupils gain academic and cultural knowledge. However, family is other thing it always impact teachers. If family is peaceful, he/she give out all knowledge to their learners. Another thing is background knowledge of family. Father and mother worked as teacher, their child also learn something from them. Like how give motivation to the pupils.
In the other hand modern methodological technologies help teacher improve their knowledge. Like working pupils themselves develop teachers and pupils knowledge. An example is that teacher should only give instruction for the pupil and watch how they are conducting the lesson.
In modern world, education cannot archive good result without information technology. For instance, during the lesson using informational technologies make pupil interests to the lesson. In this situation visual memory works better and keep their mind longer when they saw on the screen.
To sum up all of this being professional English teacher takes too long time and it should run step by step. Make working pupils themselves is better way. Because good teacher and good lesson is when pupils make the lesson discussion work on themselves.
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